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Residential Energy Efficiency

Residential Solar Power Installation

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Imagine you live in your environmentally friendly dream home. It’s extremely energy efficient and beautiful and perfectly suited for you. Are you picturing a brand new residence? Think again — you can turn your current house into the home of your dreams with cutting edge green remodeling.
Additionally, the amount of funds you can save with energy upgrades is often more than you might think. Our builders and energy efficiency experts who has done numerous rehabs of homes, says he helps homeowners get energy savings of up to 75 percent when he’s able to rework a house from top to bottom. Even with less intensive work, significantly cheaper energy bills are possible.
Those are substantial energy savings, but why stop there? If you’re doing a major home overhaul, you can go one step further and add passive solar design features to optimize your home’s natural heating, cooling and day lighting. And you can just as easily add renewable energy features — such as solar electric panels or a solar water heater — to an old home as you can to a new one. Many green remodeling projects can be done on a tight budget — you just have to start thinking through what’s possible.

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