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Solar Farm Implementation

Solar Farm Installation Companies
Inviro Solutions Group is a leader in ‘local solar’ and partners with communities and utilities to provide widespread access to affordable, clean energy.
Inviro Solutions Group local solar solutions produce energy at or below market costs, while our locally based development strategy allows us to deploy solar where the power is needed most.
Local Generation:  Locally based solar farms that generate 2-25 megawatts of power are an alternative to large-scale solar projects, which require huge parcels of land, can tax the environment and are impractical for most communities. Our small-scale solar development model allows us to build solar farms in underserved areas, thus ensuring clean energy is a viable option for the greatest number of people.
Local Interconnection: Smaller scale solar farms put clean energy directly into the grid through partnerships with local utilities. Whenever possible, we locate our solar farms close to existing utility substations and within already disturbed areas.
Local Deployment: By working with local utilities, clean solar energy can be easily deployed, with no effort or added expense to the end user, and this energy can be used to power homes and businesses in the communities in which it is generated.
Local Stewardship: Inviro Solutions Group strives to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we locate our solar farms. This means local job sourcing and administration, mutually beneficial lease agreements with landowners, and an open approach to community input regarding buffer zone aesthetics and neighboring space.
Mutual beneficial Relationships: We network with utilities, land property owners, communities and investors to build solar farms that generate the highest possible return for everyone involved.
Local Delivery: We make an effort to locate our solar farms near existing electrical substations. This allows us to keep transmission costs at a minimum while returning clean power to the region where it is generated.
Best In Class Components: We take full advantage of this phenomenon and always use the best possible product for our applications. We pay close attention to the best cost available for our projects.
Avoided Cost Strategy: When negotiating utility partnerships and PPA agreements, we use an avoided cost strategy. This helps maintain profitability for the utility without price increases for the end user. This has become a great strategy for all parties involved.
Unbeatable Expertise: The Inviro Solutions Group team comprises of some of the most successful and hard-working people in the industry. Our end-to-end scalable process ensures that projects are completed on budget, on time and in accordance with the needs of the communities in which they are located. Our research and development team has made this possible through long time experience and research.

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